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GRAV brings a family of products, featuring a one-hitter, bubbler, steamrollers, water pipes, and modular hand pipe set.


The Pure Art of Glass

For the new generation of consumers, there’s a new class of attractive pipes, rigs and bongs, which follows the clean lines and familiar precepts of well-thought-out design.

Glass blowing is a pure form of art and craftsmanship. A craft that not just creating smoking devices, but rather crafting timeless pieces of art that will bring simplicity and quality to your smoking experience. From your eye catching hand pipe to the magnificent bubbler that you enjoy your best strain in.

Brands like Grav that value quality and art above all else have taken it upon them to create stunning portfolios of incredible glass pieces.

Blowing glass is a sophisticated trade. The glass is superheated to a temperature of up to 1163°C, making it malleable enough to shape. Then, utilizing a hollowed steel rod or blowpipe, the craftsmen literally blow on one end filling the molten glass with air, forming a bubble-like shape. Additional blowtorches can be applied to the glass structure helping to create or add bowels, percolators, or just about any elaborate designs features imaginable. As the glass cools, it remains sturdy but malleable so that the blower can make tiny tweaks and changes to the design and add decorative features that all add value to the finished product.

Defining the quality of a glass bong comes down to two primary factors. Which type of glass has been used and the thickness of said glass. Knowing what to look out for will make sure your next bong purchase stands the test of time and use. GRAV uses the finest borosilicate, a type of glass with a high silica content that's heat-tolerant and chemically inert. Borosilicate glass is also significantly more durable than the cheaper Chinese offerings that some head shops offer. A way to determine the quality is by observing any joins or wields. Smooth, uniform, clean joint welds are sure signs of not only a skilled glass blower but a superior quality glass. Cheaper glass would likely crack under the same circumstances.

Glass blowing as an art form has evolved into a highly regarded industry for marijuana-related craftsmanship. As the industry blossoms further, younger blowers will find room to innovate and build upon a historic art form, especially as legalization becomes more widespread. There are still countless approaches to bringing artistic glass pieces to life, and we continue to explore them every day.


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We supply a wide selection of high quality water pipes, concentrate rigs, hand pipes and accessories you will need for dabbing or those who prefer smoking herb.  Our focus is customer satisfaction, so our team works hard to provide you with value for money, prompt and professional support.

* Delivery small items A4 Satchel - R52

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COVID Delivery Notice:  Please allow 3 - 4 Working days for delivery.